915080 Postdoctoral Fellow reappointment

Please click HERE for Postdoctoral Researcher Policy Manual 

Postdoctoral Fellows (PDFs) are Divisional appointments to formal postdoctoral training programs funded through training grants or fellowshipsPDF appointments are generally for a 12 month term, with annual reappointment up to a maximum of five postdoctoral training years (including postdoctoral training at another institution). PDFs perform no services for the University and are not considered to be employees of the University. The primary purpose of the PDF appointment is the postdoctoral training experience. PDFs receive payment in the form of a stipend from the University or directly from an external funding source(s). The source of the stipend must be a training grant, fellowship, or other source specifically designated for the award of stipend for support during a designated period of postdoctoral training experience. The PDF is granted for the purpose of aiding in the pursuit of study or training to advance the education or training of the fellow.

Proposal--The department will prepare and submit a recommendation for the appointment that is reviewed by OAA for completeness and approved by the Dean. The original recommendation should be submitted to OAA. A complete recommendation will include:

_____ PostDoc Fellow Appointment Request Form MS Word

_____ Postdoc Annual Review form

_____Updated CV (suggested format) MS Word

_____ Visa documentation: J-1 request ADOBE PDF  including the English Proficiency Checklist (and required documents) or H-1B Processing Request Form ADOBE PDF

_____ Five-point letter if candidate is an M.D.

Post-approval/Payroll—Upon approval of reappointment and attending privileges, the department should follow all the Work Day steps to ensure all required forms are uploaded completely and correctly. Work Day Reference Guide.  All required actions must be completed by the WD payroll deadline to guarantee a paycheck at the end of the month.

The fellow must provide proof of health insurance coverage. Other benefits are available via payroll deduction at full cost.