X040 Clinical Instructor reappointment

After the initial two-year term of appointment, subsequent reappointments of up to two one-year terms can be made based on continued satisfaction of criteria for appointment as Instructor. 

To recommend a University of Chicago employee for reappointment as Clinical Instructor

To recommend renewal of the title of Clinical Instructor for a UCMC Clinical Fellow in a GME-approved program


_____Updated CV & personal statements MS Word 

_____Up to 5 exemplary scholarly works

_____ Chair’s letter to Dean which should include

  • _____ name of candidate 

  • _____ proposed effective date and term 

  • _____ proposed compensation and its source

  • _____ name of the departmental unaccredited fellowship program to which the candidate will belong

  • _____ description of the proposed scholarly, clinical, educational, and institutional citizenship expectations, mentorship and career development, and research support

  • _____ assessment of progress during the prior appointment period

  • _____ teaching evaluations, if any

  • _____ assurances [(a) Candidate has completed clinical training at the UCMC in an ACGME-accredited fellowship program or an unaccredited fellowship program sponsored by the UCMC Graduate Medical Education Committee (GMEC); (b) Candidate meets UCMC requirements for appointment to the medical staff and meets GMEC eligibility requirements for participation in a GMEC sponsored program; (c) Department will supervise the Clinical Instructor, and immediately report to both the Office of the Provost and the GMEC any action or inaction requiring disciplinary action, warning, intervention, or suspension              

_____ University of Chicago Agreement for Clinical Instructor (pages 5-6 of above Policy)

_____ Copy of Resident/Fellow Contract (sample is pages 9-16 of above Policy)

Post-approval/Payroll: None is needed, as the Clinical Instructor is already an employee of UCMC.

To recommend a University of Chicago employee for reappointment as Clinical Instructor

Appointment proposal--Advisory review by the BSD Committee on Appointments and Promotions (COAP) is normally not required.  The department will prepare and submit a recommendation for the appointment that is reviewed by OAA for completeness, endorsed by the Dean and submitted to the Provost’s office for approval. The original recommendation should be submitted to OAA. 


_____Updated CV & personal statements MS Word 

_____Up to 5 exemplary works if part of the basis for appointment

_____Chair’s letter to Dean  MS Word (Use SOM Instructor format)

_____ Other concurrences, and documents as customary for a department.  These might include Section Chiefs' letters and reports of internal promotions committees.

_____ teaching evaluations, if any

Post-approval/Payroll—Upon approval of reappointment and attending privileges, the department should follow all the Work Day steps to ensure all required forms are uploaded completely and correctly. Work Day Reference Guide.  All required actions must be completed by the WD payroll deadline to guarantee a paycheck at the end of the month.