X042 part-time Clinical Associate Professor reappointment

This category of appointment is primarily for private practitioners who make significant contributions to the clinical teaching programs of the Division of Biological Sciences. Typically, physicians in this category volunteer their time to the University on a part-time (benefits ineligible) basis and provide their services either at the University or one of its affiliated or associated hospitals. Appointment to this category is frequently contingent upon achievement and maintenance of attending privileges at The University of Chicago Hospitals or an affiliated or associated hospital. Normally, the initial term of appointment is made for five years.

In some instances, unpaid appointments may need to be reviewed for determination of Medicare reassignment compliance. These appointments require a separate checklist. MS Word 

Appointment proposal --The department will prepare and submit a recommendation for the appointment that is reviewed by OAA for completeness, endorsed by the Dean and submitted to the Provost’s office for approval. An original recommendation should be submitted to OAA. A complete recommendation will include: 

Chair’s letter to Dean which should include 

  • name of candidate 
  • proposed academic rank, track, effective date, term (normally, term end date is June 30) 
  • % effort 
  • statement of the individual's clinical activity and reputation, as well as role envisioned 
  • statement of the individual's teaching activity and reputation, as well as role envisioned 

_____Updated CV (suggested format) MS Word .docx  |  MS Word .doc

_____Teaching evaluations 

Post-approval/Payroll—Upon approval of reappointment and attending privileges, the department should follow all the Work Day steps to ensure all required forms are uploaded completely and correctly. Work Day Reference Guide.  All required actions must be completed by the WD payroll deadline to guarantee a paycheck at the end of the month.