Associate Professor BSD Track Promotion HELP

This page will assist Associate Professors in the BSD Track who seek promotion to Professor

Official Statement of Requirements | Guidelines | Criteria

Official compendium of model CV and other materials to be used


Timetable and deadlines     [return to top-level ADVICE]

IF YOU ARE WITHOUT TENURE, the most common term is 3 years.  On or before 6.5 months before the end of the term, you must be notified whether you will receive tenure or or leave the faculty (and normally the institution).  Unless you are promoted early, your promotion materials will ordinarily be due in your departmental office in advance of the department recommendation, which is due by late August (if you began July-December) or by late April (if you began January-June) of the final year of your term.  Check with your departmental office to see when they need the materials to meet the BSD deadline.  You will be notified regarding promotion on the workday closest to 15 December (if you began July-December) or 15 June (if you began January-June) of the final year of your term.

IF YOU HAVE TENURE, you may be recommended for promotion to full professor as soon as you qualify.  Departments vary in how they decide if you are ready to be promoted; find your own department's process HERE.  Promotions to full professor, however, are normally effective as of the July 1st following the approval.  Promotion to full professor is not required, and some associate professors never achieve it.

The following figure indicates typical times from promotion to associate professor to promotion to full professor:


That is, promotions are rare before 3 years as an associate professor, peak at 5 years post promotion, and are rare after 10 years post promotion.

Criteria for promotion in a nutshell       [return to top-level ADVICE]
  • Complete and official statement is at Official Statement of Requirements | Guidelines | Criteria
  • Progress of scholarly work significantly beyond the accomplishments that warranted the associate professorship, with high likelihood of continuation  
  • Stature comparable to that of recently-promoted professors in leading programs elsewhere in the country, with indications that the candidate has become among the leading scholars in a significant field.
  • Sufficient quality and productivity in contributions to our educational mission and institutional citizenship, meeting the expectations of your 'job description'

Obviously the above are mainly judgments made by your departmental faculty colleagues, for whom your chair or chief is the spokesperson.  For that reason you should meet regularly with your chair, chief, departmental go-to person, and/or mentor(s) for insight into your progress and career advice.

There is no obligation to promote associate professors even if they meet the above requirements.

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