Promotion to X063 Research Professor

Appointment proposal--The department will prepare and submit a recommendation for the appointment that is reviewed by OAA for completeness, endorsed by the Dean and submitted to the Provost’s office for approval. An original recommendation and one copy should be submitted to OAA. A complete recommendation will include:

_____Chair’s letter to Dean  MS Word

_____Signed Attestation of funding availability

_____Updated CV & personal statements MS Word 

_____Up to 5 exemplary scholarly works

_____Grid of external assessors, their contact information, and rationale for their selection (if not in Chair's letter)

_____Letter used to solicit external assessments

_____External assessments

_____ Other concurrences, and documents as customary for a department.  These might include Section Chiefs' letters and reports of internal promotions committees.

Post-approval/Payroll—Upon approval of appointment, the department should follow all the Work Day steps to ensure all required forms are uploaded completely and correctly. Work Day Reference Guide.  All required action must be completed by the WD payroll deadline to guarantee a paycheck at the end of the month.