Requesting COAP dates

COAP (BSD Committee on Reappointments and Promotions) normally meets 1-2 times per month except from late July to late August.  To request a COAP date please:

1. Figure out when the case will be ready for submission to the Office of Academic Affairs.

2. Transmit to the Dean for Academic Affairs (773 299-8096, the

(a) Name of the candidate

(b) Proposed rank of the candidate

(c) Proposed track of the candidate

(d) Date by which the case will be ready (excepting at most 1-2 late-arriving letters)

(e) If recommending a new appointment, attach a scan of the signed CLO.

(f) Any exceptional circumstances [see next item]

3. The case will ordinarily be scheduled for the next available COAP slot.  If there are compelling circumstances or reasons why the case should be reviewed more quickly or, for new appointments in advance of a signed CLO, we will make every effort to accommodate these. 

Advice on timing relative to start date:  The letter case and departmental vote must be included in the COAP submission, so allow enough time for these.  3 weeks lapse between the COAP submission date and the COAP date.  Allow another week for transmittal to the Provost in uncomplicated positive cases.  As the Provost's Office must accommodate cases from the entire University, they ask that 4 weeks be allowed for a decision (although they strive to decide before that time).