Tenure (from SOM and CS tracks)

This page will assist faculty in the SOM and Clinical Scholar tracks who seek  tenure.  [Technically this also means a switch to the BSD track when tenure is awarded.]

Official Statement of Requirements | Guidelines | Criteria (relevant to Clinical Scholars only with respect to tenure)

Official compendium of model CV and other materials to be used


Timetable and deadlines     [return to top-level ADVICE]

You may be recommended for tenure as soon as you qualify and do so as either an associate or a full professor; the latter is more common.  Although there is no regular time of year for considering tenure, the Provost's Office prefers that its tenure reviews occur in November-December, which necessitates a departmental recommendation by late August.  Tenure is not required, and some associate professors never achieve it.

Criteria for tenure in a nutshell        [return to top-level ADVICE]
  • Official statement .  Although the Clinical Scholar track is not mentioned, the statement is applicable to it.
  • Outstanding body of scholarship is required.  See above statement  
  • Scholarship of such caliber may take the same form as that typical of faculty on the BSD track.  However, it may also create impactful knowledge that brings high distinction to the BSD in the clinical or educational arenas. This might include intellectual leadership in clinical trials that establish the standard of care, important scholarly contributions in education or curriculum development that have national/international impact, technical innovation (new procedures, treatments, or devices), or other paradigm-shifting advances. The quality and impact of these contributions will also be judged by the quality of the peer-reviewed publications that describe them.  Evidence of consistency (a track record of ongoing scholarship that is not episodic, one-time, or occasional) and sustainability, such as success in obtaining research funding, is necessary.  Comparisons of the body of work are made to the very best tenured clinician-scholars within peer programs in the specific specialty/discipline.  Scholarly productivity (as opposed to quality) should be commensurate with clinical and other responsibilities.
  • Note that the Provost will consider only one tenure recommendation for an individual; if it is not approved, the underlying appointment as a Clinical Scholar remains.  If tenure is approved, the appointment moves to the BSD track.

Obviously the above are mainly judgments made by your departmental faculty colleagues, for whom your chair or chief is the spokesperson.  For that reason you should meet regularly with your chair, chief, departmental go-to person, and/or mentor(s) for insight into your progress and career advice.

There is no obligation to tenure faculty even if they meet the above requirements.


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